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Death becomes her

July 8, 2013

I struggled with the idea of reveling too much information about my personal life, where I live, kids names, stuff like that. But to truly understand what it is we are doing here. The pain we are putting ourselves through…the torture we are putting each other through, you have to know some personal information. So with that said, if you read this and think “she can’t even hike such and such mountain without nearly dying, I think I can stalk her and kill her,” to that I say….

that is probably true BUT also consider the content of my posts. I bitch A LOT! You will have to listen to that the entire time you are trying to kill me and I will not go down easily so…. be prepared.

After a few vacations, birthday party commitments and procrastination, Amy and I set out for another day of hiking. Due to a heat wave known as, Arizona weather, we elected to get an early start. The plan was to meet up at 5:30 and hike Phoenix Mountain Preserve followed by Shaw Butte, in last years challenge hikers went from the summit of North Mountain to the summit of Shaw Butte, so I thought “we should totally do that!” What I didn’t do was warn Amy. I thought it would be a fun little surprise.

Amy on the other hand thought it would be even more fun to see what hiking with a hangover would be like.

Phoenix Mountain Preserve was dumb. I spent more energy finding a parking spot and then walking back and forth 3 times trying to find the start of the trail, which was weirdly hidden and not clearly marked, than I did on the actual trail. Which is probably why it was removed from this years hike – but we will get to that in a minute. And it was on this trail that we added item #16 to the Idiots Guide – Take care of your morning transanal meditation PRIOR to leaving for your hike. This should seem obvious, but it wasn’t……

Then it was off to North Mountain. Knowing I wanted to do North Mountain first I convinced Amy to park at the start of North Mountain (which by the way, is not even the starting point in the challenge. That mountains start point is further up the trail.) This was the start of the end for Amy. Pissed that I made her park in the “wrong” parking lot, she was already a little edgy, then I decided now was the time to let her in on my little plan….It didn’t go well.

I tried to convince her it was necessary for our training.

She disagreed.

I thought positive reinforcement would win her over, “think how awesome you are going to feel when you tell everyone you did 3 mountains today!”

She threatened to punch me in the throat.

I declined and chose to hike on the inside of the trail…..

I actually was impressed with our improvement. If you remember, last time we did North Mountain here it was a bit of a challenge. This time, we only took two small breaks, compared to last time where I believe we physically laid down on the trail a few times and had to sit down and rest at each turn, and minus the heat we were not so wiped out we couldn’t do another mountain. Notice, I said minus the heat. Which as it turned out, could not be ignored. By 9:00 it was 102 degrees out. Remember we live in the desert, a saguaro cactus gives about as much shade as a toothpick. There is no where to get relief. I was quickly losing Amy to heat exhaustion and being prone to it myself, I was beginning to worry.

We were more than halfway to the top of our 3rd and final mountain for the day, when we called it quits. And truth be told, we were better off for it. I think we probably could have finished it but I also think it would have meant a day spent with a migraine and vomiting. Considering each of us had all day engagements we had to attend (both were outside events) directly after our hikes, we chose wisely.

We did decide that for the duration of the summer we would only do one hike per day or at the very most 2 summits that are in the same location with a very early start. I figure we are just going to have to hit it very hard once the weather cools, which unfortunately is not for quite a while.

On a positive note, I called the organizer of the challenge and got the unofficial list of summits for this years challenge. They are as follows (not in the official order)

  1. Holbert and
  2. Ranger aka South Mountain 1 and 2
  3. North Mountain
  4. Shaw Butte
  5. Piestewa Peak, formerly known as – and still referred to by me as – Squaw Peak
  6. Lookout Mountain
  7. Quartz Ridge Trail, now known as L.V. Yates

We like to rename stuff, just to confuse people. For all I know North Mountain and Lookout Mountain have new names now too. I will use these names interchangeably, simply because having grown up here habit will win out every time.



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  1. Transanal meditation, huh? Spit my water out while reading that. BTW.

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