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It’s a dogs life

June 30, 2013

So, I took a break from writing.

I felt like my world was imploding and frankly I didn’t have the liberty to discuss some of it and definitely didn’t have the ability to be humorous about it.

I still don’t.

So rather than sit here and hash it all out with you. I am going to ignore it. I suggest you do the same.

What happened while we were on a break? We got a new addition to the House of Fun.

Husband took our 6 year old son, Blobby (that is what I am going to refer to him as now), to play tennis early Sunday morning. While they were playing they noticed a guy getting out of a truck with a little puppy. The man sets the puppy down, looks around and notices my husband and son.

“Do you guys want a puppy?”

“NO” my husband sharply answers.

“Oh, well I live in a studio and can’t keep it.” he continues

“No” my husband answers while returning to his tennis game with our son.

Shortly after that, they finish their tennis game and notice the man leaving in his truck…..and the puppy still at the park. He left it!

After a few curse words my husband loaded up our kid and the puppy and headed home.


Cute? Me?

She is adorable, as you can see. But she is still quite young, about 12 weeks old now. So she bites and is NOT housebroken. It is taking its toll.

We have a doggy door, and she knows how to use it – hey, did you just sing that last part? I did. – but she prefers my floor for some reason.

So if you are an expert puppy potty trainer, I am taking all suggestions.


From → 2 Cents

  1. Only one advice, do NOT use bleach to clean your floors. It signals them to do it again at the same spot. Instead use soapy water than spray vinegar. They hate the smell of vinegar and it’s not dangerous for them or for the kids. And GOOD LUCK!!!!

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