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May 23, 2013

It is the last week of school which means it is your last chance to kiss some administrative butt to help ensure that your kid doesn’t receive Mrs. Cranky or Ms. Burntout for next years teacher.

We just happen to go to a public school that is run on the Montessori system, which means my kids switches teachers for several subjects through out the day/week. So I don’t need to just kiss one teacher’s butt. I have to kiss many many butts. Unfortunately my wallet cannot handle that much butt kissing so I go the homemade route.

This year I decided to offer some variety, so some teachers/faculty will be receiving flower pots and others cupcakes. On to the cupcakes.

6 year old chose Twix Cupcakes from pinterest. You can follow the link to find the recipe as I will not be re-writting that for you. But I will offer you some quick walk-through pictures and tips

Place shortbread cookie in cupcake liner


Place small scoop of chocolate cake mix on top of cookie. A 1/4 scoop out of ice cream scooper is perfect.

Bake according to box directions. Let cool. Core out the center of the cupcake, I use an apple corer, works perfectly.

Place soft caramel square in center of cupcake.image

Bake at 375 until melted (4 minutes for me)wpid-IMAG0887.jpg

Make a caramel butter cream frosting. Again, you can use the recipe HERE.

She says to add a cup of sugar at a time. If you are retarded like I am I would suggest 1/2 at a time AT MOST, unless of course you like to look like a coke head that just sneezed all over the kitchen.


Now that you have breathed in 4 cups of powder sugar dust and feel amazingly energetic, you can frost your cupcakes, clean your kitchen, chew 7 sticks of gum while you widdle an exotic bird out of some scrap wood you found in the junk drawer.


I did not drizzle the chocolate over mine because frankly it felt like overkill. To be perfectly honest with you I will not be including the twix candy bar next time I make this either. It is REALLY good without all that extra sweetness.

Also, do not judge Cannella Vita’s recipe based on my finished product. I am admittedly frosting challenged. I do not know why but my frosting NEVER comes out all fluffy and cloud-like. Although this time I know I let my butter get too soft and that contributed to the problem. I need a frosting class, do they have those?

I “frosted” my cupcakes with a spoon (it was close to 11:00 at night and I really stopped caring after a while).image

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