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I know something you don’t know

May 6, 2013

Have you ever met someone new, generally a friend of a friend or a parent of one of your kids friends and immediately thought, “Oh, I wonder if they know they are gay?”

We had a little get together at my house and someone asked if they could bring a friend along. I’m all about meeting new people and frankly tagger-on’ers usually feel awkward about just showing up at your home so they bring booze. And I especially like meeting new people who bring me booze!

Right on point new guy, Ron, shows up with a case in hand. We do the whole ‘nice to meet you, great house’ thing and continue with the small talk for a few more minutes just so I can be sure. Then I immediately go over to the friend who brought Ron. “Ron seems super nice” I say. “He really is” says friend “He doesn’t have any friends really and since his Mom passed away he doesn’t really get out anymore”. “Does he know he is gay?” I ask….. “Not yet,” says friend….


Now, let me be the first to say I love me some gays. I try to keep one good gay friend in my arsenal at all times. Not the super bitchy kind but one that likes to play dress up so that I don’t leave the house looking a hot mess. My sister is gay but not in a way that is helpful to me so….. The position is currently open.

So here was my first thought, Ron is in his late 40’s. When is someone going to tell him he is gay? Maybe if he knew he wouldn’t be so lonely. Maybe if he knew he would want to fix my hot mess of a hairstyle and help me shop!

Now usually I am super comfortable saying whatever is on my mind, but this one seemed a little outside of my comfort zone. So I will wait….

Maybe Ron will become my new gay bestie.


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