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Update on the Bee Bucks

April 19, 2013

Happy Friday!!!! Before I get too drunk let me use the inspiration I have today to update you on how the first week back to Bee Bucks went.

If you have NO CLUE what I am talking about, hop over to Money Buys Obedience and the rest of us will wait for you to catch up……

Take your time....

Ready to join the rest of us? Awesome.

So just in case I bore you to tears. I will give you the short version now

It went very well

And now the slightly longer version

By Monday both boys had earned $3 for basic good behavior. Monday evening however…

With any new system or rule, kids need to test the boundaries. That is a given. I know that no matter what we are doing the first day or 2 will be “boundary testing” days.

Both kids did great all day. Then came BED TIME (read that with the Jaws theme running in the background). 6 year old went down, no problem. 3 year old on the other hand, problem.

We allowed him to watch a show before bedtime Mistake #1  so when I told him it was time to shut off the TV and get in bed he protested. I help him out by shutting off the TV for him. He immediately gets up and goes to his room. Awesome, I think…Mistake #2. Nope, he returns with 3 Bee Bucks and says “Momma, I want to turn these in for more TV time” *insert adorable angelic smile*…. Wow, he caught on a little quick….A little too quick. I turn to 6 year old, he confirms he helped little brother arrive at plan. Great, cohorts. Not what I had in mind when I put ‘compromise’ on the good behavior list. I veto cashing in and site article 173.8 on the Rules of the Bee Hive articles of incorporation which, as ever parent knows , states “Not on a school night!”

3 year old is always a bit of a pain to put down but this time I had the threat of Bee Bucks. So I give him his 10 millionth warning, like any good parent lacking follow through would do and then I threaten to take a Bee Buck for ‘Not Listening’, it applied sort of because he WAS asked to get in bed and frankly he knows the bedtime rules. They are not new, they have been the same his entire life….All 3 and 3/4 years…..

So he loses a Bee Buck. Holy Shit!! That kid screamed like I was beating him. Oh, the begging and pleading for his Bee Buck back, seriously! Through his screaming, in a quiet voice I explained that he would have a chance to earn it back tomorrow with better choices. He said “Ok Mommy” and quietly went to bed….Yeah, Right! That kid yelled for flippin’ ever! But eventually did quit BEFORE I really did beat him.

The next day after I picked all the kids up from school, 6 year old walks into his room, grabs a Bee Buck and turns it in to me. Ok? What is it that you would like? Nope, He informs me he did not behave appropriately at his school today and so he is turning in a Bee Buck for bad behavior…… * Angels start singing, bright light funnels down around me bathing me in the glow of perfect parenting light, the hand of God himself touches me on the shoulder and fills my “Are you freakin’ kidding me” bucket all the way to the tippy top.*

And that my friends is what I like to call SUCCESS!

I was almost tempted to give it back to him for ‘excellent choices and unbelievable self governing’. ALMOST

If anyone of you non existent readers decide to use the Bee Buck system I would LOVE to hear how it is going for you.

p.s. stay tuned for “My son, the blogger”

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