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Parenting Pride

April 11, 2013


As parents, we reserve the right to annoy our friends and family with stories about how smart/gifted our child(ren) are. “Little Timmy walked right up to me and asked why dogs don’t have belly buttons!  I mean really, he is only 4 and such a creative thinker. Do you think we should enroll him in veterinary camp this summer?” And we stand there beaming with pride while our friends mentally panic over an appropriately supportive response to our delusion. Sometimes though, we like to use this right for evil. We want to show our superior parenting skills over our friends, “Bobby is already starting to read, why just the other day he….Oh, but don’t worry about your little Jacob, I mean I am sure it is normal for some 2 year olds to still not know any letters of the alphabet….just, have you mentioned it to your pediatrician?”

Well! MY first grader received his SECOND out of school suspension today! So suck on that June Cleaver. Second!!! That is parenting done right!

I should be clear – for the sake of my own ego later – that “suspension” means he got sent home early. And why did he get sent home early you ask…. “He is just so smart that he finds his school work belittling and thus frustrating, causing him to act out in inappropriate ways, like hiding in a school cubby and making obnoxious noises.” OR it may be because we don’t beat him the way my parents would have beat me if I even thought of acting out in class….either or

The truth is, we are struggling right now. We know (my husband and I) that what we are doing is not working. That our son is having some behavioral issues. He seems to go through these “phases” where he has melt downs and bizarrely out of control tantrums the seem to escalate from “perfect child” to “demon spawn” in seconds and over nothing. He has been prone to explosive tantrums since he was very tiny. Coupled with his high level of energy, I have worried that there may be some “issues” that are contributing to his behavior. I have addressed these concerns numerous times with our pediatrician, his preschool, as well as his current school. I have always been told that “he is nothing more than an extremely active, highly intelligent little boy.” Worry less, play more is what I hear them saying. Well I think after suspension number 2, the school seems more ready to hear my concerns. Actually, I have to say I think the school is really preparing themselves to roll up their sleeves and get dirty trying to help me, my son, and his teacher learn how to help him be successful.

This weekend will be spent coming up with a game plan….and drinking….to celebrate my pride as a parent, obviously.

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